Support Groups

​Our support groups provide a welcoming environment for building the skills and relationships needed to over come trauma, and to begin assembling your personal network of support.

  • U.S. Veterans Support Groups

  • Veterans’ Family Support

  • Men’s and Women’s Rap Group

  • Advocacy & Community Support

  • Grief and Support Groups

  • Somatic Exercises and Events


Peer Mentoring

Our peer mentoring approach is rooted in our belief that personal growth is best learned from others with a relevant background. The peer-to-peer method connects individuals to mentors with the skills to build long-lasting relationships and address trauma.


Job Preparation

​At Arm & Arm, our workplace preparation programming helps to transition individuals towards independence by building emotional and practical skills for success in the workplace.

  • Relapse Prevention Workshops

  • Empathetic Open Discussion Groups

  • Proactive Coping Skills

  • Cognitive Thinking Workshops

  • Somatic Exercises and Events


Job Coaching

​We work with individuals to prepare them for seeking, landing, and keeping steady employment, as the foundation for building an independent and healthy life.

  • Resume Building Skills

  • Job Readiness Support 

  • Training Services Referrals 

  • Parenting Referrals Available

  • Anger Management Referrals


Specialized Training

Arm & Arm offers the required 72-hour training for people who want to become Peer Recovery Specialists. Many of the people we train are program graduates who want to share what they've been given.